Luxe is proud to bring you information on these great instructors from Hawaii.

Linda Melodia Dance Co.
Emily and Stefan formed Linda Melodía Dance Co, bringing salsa on2 to Hawaii straight from New York City.
Both Grant and Kyle of Salsamor currently take classes from Linda Melodia. They explain moves in a very technical manner that is easy to understand. People with no experience can learn how to do the moves proficiently and dancers who already know the moves get cleaned up to a performance level.

808 Bachata Advancement
Bachata classes are set up in a way that it is easy to learn the fundamentals through constant repetition and reinforcement.
This team is mostly made up of the Salsamor dance instructors and lead by Kyle Quintal. They teach a blend of moderna and dominican suited for the dance floor. Currently they are holding workshops with weekly classes coming soon.

Hot Salsa Dance Co.
Classes with Greg Henry, held 7 days a week in Hoolulu town and Aiea locations.
Many of us including Grant and Kyle started with Greg as our main instructor. Through his lessons we learned the proper fundamentals to grow on. He is the most versatile instructor, able to teach several dance styles at your request.