Luxe Hawaii was started in 2009 as a collaboration between friends in the bar and nightclub industry who were unhappy with the social decline of nightclubs. Establishments that once had strict dress codes would allow people with sports jerseys and shorts. Dresses were a thing of the past as even the women would show up in t-shirts and baseball caps. The industry needed something better, classier, sophisticated, Luxe. Soon they began promoting nightclub and ultralounge style events, but eventually these events stopped and the friends parted ways.

In 2010 the main collaborator of Luxe, Grant Woo, stumbled upon a salsa event at the Honolulu club. It was exactly what he was looking for, everyone dressed nice, nobody would start fights, and most importantly the people were friendly. Grant soon became friends with all of the Salsa dance promoters and used his own knowledge and skills to grow the scene and open it to the public through social media. Luxe became a global network connecting dancers, instructors and DJ’s. Eventually people started asking when Luxe would start their own events, this was the beginning of SALSAMOR!

SALSAMOR is a weekly event, every Thursday night at Ginza Nightclub, near Ala Moana Shopping Center. Opened previously at Vice Nightclub in April 2012, it has become a favorite event for many in the salsa and Latin Dance community.

What’s next for Luxe? Stay tuned because it might surprise you…